Special Rooms for Special Kids

It’s amazing how life can show you a new and unexpected path when you least expect it.

In 2008 Ginger and her family felt compelled to adopt an eleven month old boy with medical special needs; at eleven months of age, he had been hospitalized for seven of those months.

More recently, this summer, the adoption has been finalized and all are thrilled!

To celebrate his “official” new-member-of-the-family-status, Ginger did what she does best and, as a “welcome to the family” gift, she redecorated his room!

Ginger was well-aware that, with required medical treatments, Gastric tube feedings, IVs, and recuperation from upcoming surgeries a lot would be asked of this room. It needed to thrill this brave little boy who deserves so much extra joy, in order to balance-out the unpleasantness he has to face. As with many special needs children, he would be spending even more time in his room than other kids do. It also must be extraordinarily safe, have extreme ease-of-use and efficiency and, most challenging of all, must house a special bed and some hospital-type equipment.

And this is where Ginger was gently nudged toward a new path in her career, and a new division of WestBay Interiors. She delved into learning all about creating Special Rooms for Special Needs kids! And she was excited and inspired to discover a whole world of products and manufacturers catering to these needs. From the tiny details; like a gadget to help turn on and off the light switch, to the most major factors; like hospital beds and IV poles, and everything in between.

Children with challenges need all we can offer to make their rooms cheerful, useable, medically efficient, safe and to give as much of a sense of independence. Fortunately for parents of these amazing kids, Ginger is now the “go-to” designer/consultant for expertise in this area.

Special Rooms for Special Kids is now a …well…. specialty of WestBay Interiors!